ABCB The Australian Building Codes Board
ABSA The Association of Building Sustainability Assessors
Basix The Building Sustainability Index – Sustainable planning measure in New South Wales
BERS Building Energy Rating Scheme – Software program for modelling thermal performance
BCA The Building Code of Australia (Currently NCC)
DTS Deemed-to-Satisfy – Method of assessment that ensures each building element complies with part 3.12 of the NCC
EER Energy Efficiency Ratio – Output energy divided by total input energy
HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
kWh Kilowatt hours – A unit of energy equivalent to one kilowatt (1 kW) of power expended for one hour
Low-e Glazing with a low emittance (A low U-value)
MJ/m² Megajoules per square meter – Total amount of energy required to heat or cool a room
NatHERS The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
NCC The National Construction Code (Formerly BCA)
Outdoor Living Area Space directly accessible from a living area that has a minimum floor area of 12sqm and minimum dimension in all directions of 2.5 metres. Fully covered by impervious roof and is two or more sides open
QDC The Queensland Development Code
R-value The thermal resistance of a component calculated by dividing its thickness by its thermal conductivity
Section J Section of the construction code that deals with energy efficiency for class 2 – class 9 buildings
SHGC Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – The fraction of incident solar radiation that is admitted through a window
Total R-value Aggregate R-value of the individual composite layers of materials in a system
U-value Thermal conductance of a composite element
Verification Method Thermal calculation that compares the total energy consumption of a proposed building with that of a Reference Building that complies with the DTS provisions